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Standard Rabbit, Guinea Pig & Chicken Runs

All standard runs conform to Wood Green, The Animals Charity minimum size specifications for the relevant species.



£440.00  10ft (L) x 5ft (W) x 4ft (H)


£395.00  10ft (L) x 5ft (W) x 3ft (H)

Guinea Pig

£235.00  6ft (L) x 4ft (W) x 18" (H) - folding lid

£215.00  6ft (L) x 4ft (W) x 18" (H)

Price List

Standard runs:-

4ft high rabbit run (with removable lid)       : £440.00 

3ft high rabbit run (with removable lid)       : £395.00 

Guinea pig run (with 3 part folding lid)        :


Guinea pig run (with 2 part removable lid) :



Chicken run (inc gate with step over)            :




​On-site installation charge :-  
Standard and custom made runs:               : £20.00

Delivery  :

Up to 25 miles      : £35.00

26-50 miles           : £45.00

51 miles plus        : on application

£575.00  10ft (L) x 5ft (W) x 6ft (H) -

Includes a step over gate to deter escapees!


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