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Custom - made runs

Any size or shape run can be designed & made to meet your animals' needs & requirements. We can take care of the design and production of your run, or alternatively send us your design & we will produce your run...see our picture gallery for a few of our examples

​Here are a few ideas which previous customers have had

incorporated within their runs :-

- human height runs to accommodate double-tier hutches or

  to save the owner bending down in the run  (our highest

  run so far has been 8ft!)

​- folding lids 

​- sloping roofs with a variety of waterproof coverings. 


- ability to attach the run to an existing external hutch /

  shed / Wendy House via "lift-up" connecting hatch.

​- additional gates (human or animal height!)

- sliding hatches enabling run / hutch / shed to be partitioned off

  or to allow the animals constant access to all areas of accommodation 

- stepover section at base of gate to help prevent escapees when

  humans are entering / exiting the run


- double door systems (ideal for aviaries & ferret runs)

- folding runs for transporting or easy storage

Price List

Custom-made runs (all animal species):-


Price on application....please provide us with your size & design requirements

On-site installation charge :-  
Custom-made runs  :  £20.00

Delivery  :

Up to 25 miles          : £35.00

26-50 miles               : £45.00

51 miles plus            : on application

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